Monday, 2 August 2010

The Plant Called It

My new best friend is a potted plant sitting on my office desk, and I have named it - It. Yes, truly creative of me.

It is a very intellectual vegetative being. A few moments ago, we talked about how nobody bothers questioning Happiness, they just grab it and consume it. But when Sadness pays a visit? Nakhray hi nakhray [insert cool Urdu accent]. Duh it will sting you if you welcome it that rudely. So It and I decided we're going to welcome sadness more warmly next time, the same way we treat Happiness. Disco in the bedroom, laughing even if nothing funny happened, wear fuzzy shoes, skip and hop like a lamb, thick mugs of coffee in front of the telly, yada yada yada, Sadness will get bored of you after some time and eventually decide to catch a cab and make it to another block.

It and I will let you know how it worked out. I like It. I'm going to try to draw It, so you guys can see what it looks like. Hold on.

"It! Stand still."

*minute later*

Okay! *wipes forehead*

As you can see, we have a lot in common. We both look too young for our age, and always wear green. We are like Yin and Yang. It breathes my carbon dioxide, I breathe its oxygen. We exemplify the Circle of Life, that moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, till we find our way, on the path unwinding, in the Circle, the Circle of Life.

*abruptly breaks into tribal African dance around a ring of fire in the office*

*Boss enters*


Arslan Saeed said...

Very funny, Cow. Honestly! XD

Ananya said...

cute! :D

very true, nobody welcomes sadness :/

Vismitha said...

Okay, DID YOU DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ? I'm not finding your profile ? :O

Dee.Dee said...

Lol I deactivated for a bit. *stretch*

SlickShades said...

I like IT already.


sarah said...

We don't welcome sadness and moan about how pathetic life is and when we're around happiness we still think life is pathetic. *trying to sound intellectual* #fail!


Hajra said...

If I didn't already have tears of pain in my eyes from having a ten-year old sit on my lap, I would have tears in my eyes from how much I love this.

*wipes away tear*.

I miss my DeeDee.

*runs to terrace and bellows 'AND IT MOVES US AAAALLLL...THROUGH DESPAIR, AND HOOOPPPEEEE,' at the world*.

*wakes up neighbours*.

Ah, well.


Lizzay Bumba-Tumba said...

i like how you detailed It's drooping once youve died.

labatterie said...

I'm not finding your profile ...