Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect. A theory that states that even the flap of a butterfly's wing can contribute to the destiny of a tornado. One little thing, that could change everything after it. Everything.

It's with this theory that what I'm going to write in the next paragraph, is going to take you to a place far, far different from the present now. And you will love this if you're a girl.

It all starts from the day God created His 1st man. 10000000 years ago. Now. Say, instead of Adam, it was Eve. Eve - the 1st human being ever created; Eve - the source of Adam. Eve - the dominant. The one instructed not to eat the Forbidden Apple. The beginning of a long, long butterfly effect...

Now come back to the 21st century.


Tahlia Street would be flooded by female teens. Men won't be allowed to leave the house without the escort of their wives. I'd be dropping my brother to his school, and he won't be allowed to go home until I'm there to pick him up either. Our men would come home from work only to end up cooking for the hungry kids. The pizza-gal would deliver your pizzas at your doorstep. 64% of world wide murderers would be women, 77% molestors and 83% rapists, all women, women, women. Watch out, guys. Keep a blade in your bag like I do.

It would be very, very "Haww" if guys put their pictures up on the ever-popular facebook display pics. Girls can burp, pass wind and eat like an animal in public, no one will say a word.They'd pay the bills, they'd pay the bills alright. Parents would be more sensitive with their feeble sons. Women would rule the army and fight with swords and guns and fly in Concordes and be the 1st to land on the moon and -

- and it's time I come back to Earth from the clouds. Adam was 1st and that's just the way it is. Besides even if he weren't, some dude version of me would be writing a blog, dreaming what it'd be like if Adam was 1st.
It had to be someone.
And it was him. Be grateful you ungrateful male clan.

Holy whackamolee, what coincidence. My brother was lifting weights with his shirt off. I told him he needs to shave. And what he say? "I'm a guy."

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Love is crazy, love is blind. And I...
...have fallen in love. Not the love you can find anywhere else. Not the kind that can ever end. Not the kind that you will understand...the kind that might disgust you...

The way you lie on my lap when things are grey.
The way you want to be fed by my hands.
The way you choose to sit next to me, and only me.
The way you look into my eyes, so deep. So dark.
The way you silently creep under my sheets and somehow watch me sleep all through the night.
Your warm breath, kissing my skin.

Your paws, always by my shoulder.

Yes. Paws.

Oh, I love my cats so.